To see & to do

Local restaurants serve good Portuguese home cooking and presently charge about €7,00 for a full course lunch. Evening dinners and Sunday lunches might cost a bit more. Coffee shops are plentiful. The coffee and pastries are superb! Forget about your waistline when visiting Portugal.
The surrounds are especially beautiful. The magical view over the serenity of the valley is sure to enchant the beholder. If you are looking for total peace then this is the place for you!
Here you can lose yourself within the tranquility of our valley, while listening to the songs of myriads of birds, or having the opportunity to observe one of the rarest birds in the Iberian, namely the Spanish Imperial eagle.

There are ample opportunities to take walks in the surrounding forests, by simply stepping out of the door, into the valleys or the forests surrounding the quinta.
May brings splashes of purple lavender and yellow and white daisies, which cover the fields. The climate is especially good for the masses of gorgeous roses, which adorn virtually every Portuguese garden in this region of central Portugal during the summer months. At the start of summer you will hear the call of the cuckoo in the valley.

The nighttime summer skies are star-studded, while the silence is interspersed by crickets chirping and the moonrise over the hills, when it’s full moon.
Guests love the crystal clear nights (telescope provided on request) and the beautiful call of the owls in the valley. Listen to nightingales and even wild boar as they go about their business. In the distance you’ll hear the deep, peaceful sound of church bells ringing. Come and watch the ‘shooting stars’ in the clear night skies in August and make your wish!

Central Portugal

Quinta d’Alegria also lays in the center of a region of particular cultural interest, with some of the most beautiful palaces and castles, religious sites and Roman ruins.
The city of Coimbra, the second oldest University City in the Europe, is located within a 34-minute drive from our Quinta d’Alegria and has many interesting attractions.

Condeixa lies just south of Coimbra and has fantastic, impressive Conimbriga Roman ruins, professionally restored mosaic floors and a Roman museum.

Viseu lies north of us and is one of the Beiras’ most appealing cities for sheer charm and vitality. Cobbled streets, meandering alleys, fine churches, museums, leafy public gardens graced with flowers and fountains and good restaurants. Viseu dates back to Visigoth times. Famous for it’s red Dao wines.
The high mountains of the Serra de Açor have become famous for their schist villages.

Piodão, located within an hours drive and is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site and sits nestled on a steep slope. A definite ‘must see’!

Towns around

The town of Coja offers a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy one of the nicest places to have a leisurely swim in the pure gushing mountain water at the alluvial beach, or just to sit and enjoy a drink by the waters edge at the old water mill. The environs of Coja are within an easy 20-minute drive. About 10 minutes from Coja along a very picturesque drive lays the pretty village of Beinfeita, well known for its waterfall, called Fraga da Pena.

The Town of Arganil, has really good tourist info. center, and any further information relating to things to do and see in the general vicinity, can be found there.

In the Gois area, you will be able to see a series of well-restored traditional, ancient Schist villages high up in the spectacular mountain scenery. The villages are 30 minutes drive from the Quinta d’Alegria
Along the Serra da Atalhada are 25 restored windmills, this area is 35 minutes drive to the west from us. The 360 degrees view is amazing!

Towns to reach in 30 minutes

The Serra da Lousã mountain range, has gained fame for its fine scenery. This is also the location of the magnificent Manuelian Palace of Buçaco, nestled in the Buçaco forest with its magical formal gardens and one of the largest arboretums in Portugal, with over 300 hectares of forest. The forest park has well-marked walks, which guide the visitor to the Stations of the Cross and other look-out points which offer spectacular views over the country-side.

Luso is only 10 minutes drive from Buçaco, and is a well known Victorian Spa town with therapeutic facilities. Open to the public but not for free! Pristine water is still bottled at the source of its fountains. Luso has a very good cafe and restaurant right on the main square, at the parking area. Buçaco is approximately within a 45-minute drive and a ‘MUST SEE’!

You want to know more…

Should you require any additional information regarding interesting sites to see, or things to do, we will assist you. Further information on good restaurants, Coffee Shops and Supermarkets, can be obtained from us as well. Your hosts, Elen and Darwin, speak English, German, Dutch and Norwegian fluently as well as some Italian. We pride ourselves in providing excellence and personal service to make your stay special.
We are passionate about our Quinta d’Alegria and our region and look forward to meeting and hosting you!

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